Drivetrain & Transmission

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Traxxas 10x15x4 mm bearing Stampede / Slash 4x4 5119


Traxxas 10x15x4 mm bearing for use on Stampede / Slash 4x4 and other models. 2 count


Traxxas differential fluid / oil kit gearbox oil 10K 30K 50K 5136X


Traxxas differential fluid kit. Contains one tube of each: 10K, 30K + 50k fluid. Also includes three pointed tips for easy use


Traxxas input shaft (slipper shaft) 3793


Traxxas input shaft (slipper shaft) spring pin


Traxxas rear stub axles 2wd Slash, Stampede & Rustler 2753X


Rear stub axles for Traxxas 2wd Stampede, Rustler, Slash and Monster Jam trucks


Traxxas Revo center differential kit 5414


This is the optional Traxxas Revo center differential kit. Fully assembled with 100k oil. Includes forward only conversion. Balances the distribution of power. Improves steering response. Designed for use with rear brake kit (part #5417). Standard chassis revos require rear output shaft (part#5416)


Traxxas stub rear axle carriers 2wd Stampede , Rustler, Slash 3752


Traxxas stub rear axle carriers for 2wd Stampede, Rustler, Slash, Bandit and monster Jam trucks